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5 Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall 

After you have slipped and fallen, you may be wondering what you should do to prepare for a personal injury claim. Not all slip and fall accidents will result in injuries serious enough for a claim. In fact, depending on where and how you fall, you may only be dealing with minor bruises. However, slip and fall accidents can also cause more serious injuries that require medical treatment and sometimes even a hospital stay or surgery. If your slip and fall accident was more serious and you are trying to recover from the injuries and file a claim, you should seek help from a lawyer who specializes in slip and fall cases. Recovering from your injuries can put a great burden on you and trying to file a legal claim on your own can make recovery harder. Find a lawyer you can rely on to help with your slip and fall claim. 

What steps should you take after a slip and fall accident? 

It is important to know which steps you should take–and at the appropriate times–after you have been injured in a slip and fall accident. 

  1. Speak with the supervisor, manager, or property owner. If you can, find the person who is responsible for taking care of the property where you slipped and fell. It is important that you notify them that you fell on their property and that you were injured. This will help you when you file your claim and it will help to point out dangerous areas they need to fix so that no one else gets injured. 
  2. Gather the witness’s information. If there was a witness to your accident, you will want to get their information, including their name, number, and address. It will be very important to your claim to have information from someone who saw the accident occur.
  3. Take pictures of the scene. If you are physically able to stay at the scene and do not need to rush to the hospital, take pictures of the scene where the accident occurred. 
  4. Seek medical help. No matter how minor your injuries might seem, it is important that you get medical attention so that a doctor can establish a baseline of your injuries. This will help you to know how severe your injuries are, what treatment you need, and how they are progressing. 
  5. Avoid posting on social media. Social media can be a great place to share how you are feeling after an accident, especially when you have friends and family across the nation. However, an insurance company can find these posts and use your information against any claim you may file. 

Never forget that you can and should have a lawyer by your side when filing a slip and fall claim. Call your local law firm today to see how they can help you.