Evidence To Collect After A Car Accident

Getting into a serious car accident that you did nothing to cause is a terrible experience no one should have to go through. Sadly, it happens all too often to even the most careful drivers. There are many damages that you can recover if you file a personal injury claim on time. Economic and non-economic damages can be difficult to recover, so you must make sure that you have enough evidence so that you can increase the strength of your case and boost your chances of getting an excellent outcome. Some of the key pieces of evidence to preserve include the following items. 


Photos are essential in a car accident case. They convey a portrait of what happened and detail the extent of the damage and destruction. Capture photos of every angle at the scene, including debris on the ground and broken fences or other barriers. Don’t forget to take photos of your injuries as well, such as bruises and wounds. Bruises can change color over time, so document how they change because they can reveal the extent of your injuries. 

Medical Care and Treatment Records

Gather a list of your records and documents that show the type of medical care that you receive for your car accident related injuries, as well as treatment records. This includes prescriptions you have been given for pain and costs associated with physical therapy and other rehabilitative services you may be paying for. Medical expenses are one of the key elements of your damages, so it is something that should be fully accounted for. If you need help gathering records or determining what items you are missing, contact a lawyer and they will be able to explain what you need. 

List of Expenses 

When you are preparing your list of expenses, be sure to include everything that you lost including your repair costs and personal possessions. As a skilled car accident lawyer like one from Hall-Justice can tell you, an attorney can do the calculations to determine the value of your possessions and they can make sure that you will get an accurate amount for your damages. 

Pay Stubs and Invoices 

Financial records that detail your income and potential earnings should be included, such as your pay stubs and tax records. A lawyer will need this information to determine the income that you have lost as a result of your accident, as well as the total amount that you would have earned. Without these records, the lawyer will not get a sense of what amount that you should receive for monetary compensation. Compile all of your relevant earnings documents and give them to a lawyer. 

Act as soon as possible if you hope to recover compensation after suffering injuries in a car accident. If you have plans to file a claim, don’t wait any longer to do so. The more you wait, the more difficult it may be to get the legal help that you need with your claim. Request a risk-free and confidential consultation with a lawyer that you can trust now.