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4 Tips for Choosing a Family Law Attorney

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Our personal injury attorneys see the repercussions families deal with when a loved one is injured. Sometimes it puts too much strain on the family, and they decide to go their separate ways through divorce. If this is true for your family, then you need to find a family lawyer. Choosing a family law attorney is a decision with repercussions for not only your life, but those of your entire family. To help with such a monumentally important decision a family lawyer from the Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, has compiled a short list of tips which will hopefully make the experience less stressful:

Be Mindful of Practice Areas

While many people are tempted to think of attorneys under one broad stroke, the truth is that legal professionals vary greatly in ability across and within legal practice areas. Any board-certified attorney can practice Family Law, but that does not mean that they are good at it. It is always worthwhile to directly ask any prospective attorney how much work they have done in a given practice area. Additionally, it may be helpful to look for outside certifications or accolades guaranteeing family law experience. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization, for instance, offers certifications in family law. Carrying the “board certified” designation means that an attorney has been kept accountable by an authority who checks their standing with the bar, ensures that they have substantial family law experience, and has passed a family law examination, among other requirements. 

Choose Someone You Like 

The relationship between a family law attorney and their client involves the exchange of very intimate information. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person you are giving this information to and entrusting the future of your family with. The initial consultation gives you the opportunity to get a sense of a prospective attorney – not only their procedures, experience, and pricing, but their demeanor, professionalism, and personality. Choosing someone you feel comfortable with will make your case infinitely easier. It is best to consult with multiple attorneys to find the best fit for you. 

Be Mindful of Price 

While it is important to make sure that attorney’s fees are feasible for your budget, it is also best to be wary of attorneys who are very cheap. This can be an indication of low demand due to incompetence or inexperience. Unfortunately, legal representation runs on the expensive side. To avoid a “you get what you pay for” scenario, take into account an attorney’s portfolio, past reviews, and compare their prices to those of other attorneys’ in their area. 

Choose Someone Accessible 

Having an attorney that is difficult to get a hold of adds unnecessary stress to your case. Try to find an attorney local to you to make scheduling meetings easier and avoid potential lawyer travel fees. Additionally, it is best to make sure that contacting your attorney is not too burdensome a process. An attorney that takes weeks to respond to you and whose voice you only hear via voicemail may not be the best fit. Some firms, including the Brandy Austin Law Firm, prioritize client communication and use digital platforms which allow clients 24/7 access to their case and asynchronous communication with their legal team.

If you are in need of help, contact a family lawyer near you to ask questions about your case.