3 Tips for Hiring a DUI Attorney

3 Tips for Hiring a DUI Attorney

Being accused of driving under the influence can change your life forever. Not only are there social stigmas connected to this crime, fighting the charge can cost into the thousands of dollars if you hire an attorney or law firm that is not suited to fight your case effectively. As a drunk driving attorney from a firm like Rispoli & Borneo can explain, if you have been charged with a DUI, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you search for proper legal representation.

1. Seek Out a Criminal attorney 

Before you choose a DUI attorney, it is wise to learn about your state’s guidelines about this crime. Many states count this offense as a felony, while some give leniency to first-time offenders and charge the DUI as a misdemeanor. If you are faced with a felony drunk driving charge, you may want to seek out an attorney with a history of working with criminal cases, as his or her expertise in this area may help you earn a lesser charge or avoid jail time.

2. Speak With Past Clients 

You can get a feel for an attorney’s or law firm’s effectiveness by speaking with past clients. Some law firms have a review or testimonial page where you can read about what others have said concerning the services they received. You may also be able to find independent reviews online, which can sometimes be more objective than on-site testimonials. Reaching out to past clients can help you feel more confident about your choice of legal representation.

3. Be Forthcoming About the Case 

You have your own due diligence when it comes to choosing a DUI attorney, and one factor that might affect your relationship with him or her is how honest you are about the charge you are facing. Being accused of drunk driving can make you feel ashamed, but unless you are completely forthcoming about how and why you got behind the wheel while intoxicated, your attorney may not have all the facts needed to lessen your charge. Try to avoid some common errors that many clients make, such as:

  • Omitting details
  • Making false statements about how much alcohol was consumed
  • Embellishing or exaggerating details that may support their case

When you are honest about your DUI from the outset, you and your attorney can build a professional relationship based on trust, which may help strengthen your case and help you feel more confident about its outcome.

Being faced with a drunk driving charge can be a stressful experience. Knowing how to find the right attorney for your specific needs can put you on the path to resolving your case, no matter the cause, so contact an attorney for assistance with your DUI case today.