Finding Help When You Need Child Support

Finding Help When You Need Child Support

Finding Help When You Need Child Support

When you are taking care of your child primarily, you may be wondering if you can petition to get child support. This is something that is often done when two parents are divorcing. A court will typically look at what is in the best interest of the child and determine who will get primary custody and how much child support the other parent will need to pay. In some cases and in certain states, you may find that it is easiest not to get a court involved. When this is the situation, there are other methods for getting child support. 

How are the child support payments determined? 

It is important to remember that both parents have the obligation to take care of their child, whether that is through custody or child support payments. Each state will have its own rules on determining what the responsible party should pay when it comes to child support. The state will usually look at what the non-custodial parent makes when determining child support but may also look at what the custodial parent makes as well.

How is child support paid? 

In many situations, wage garnishing may occur to take money directly out of the non-custodial parent’s paycheck so that they pay child support. This can help avoid parents who simply do not want to pay child support or may have a hard time keeping track of their money. In other instances, there are typically other routes for paying child support, whether it is sending a check or even using a credit card at the appropriate agency.

Do child support and custody go hand-in-hand? 

Not necessarily. When you get a child support order it will be different than your custody order and your child support will not depend on the details of the child custody order. Both parents will need to abide by the orders in place and if they seem to unfairly favor one parent over the other in any way, speaking with an attorney, like a Rockville, Maryland child support lawyer from a law firm like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright can help.  

Are there times when a court might terminate child support options? 

There are certain times a court may decide to terminate child support options even before the child becomes an adult. If a court finds that the parent paying child support is guilty of abusing or neglecting the child or that someone else has adopted your child, they could terminate the child support obligation. 

If you have further questions, consider reaching out to a local attorney to learn more information.